WebSummit – How It Was Last Year


Every Web Summit is completely different. We do not know yet what we will perceive this year. But we can definitely say that it is very numerous and diverse. In the meantime, active preparations for #WebSummit2019 are underway, and we want to remind you what the #WebSummit2018 was like. Last year this technological conference brought together over 70,000 participants. It’s not in vain, according to Forbes magazine, this conference is the best high-tech event in the world. The specialists from around the world meet at the summit to keep abreast of upcoming trends, to build a network, to present their projects or find investors.



By tradition, everything went on in Portuguese capital, Lisbon. The entire event consisted of 23 major thematic conferences, which were located in several buildings. All performances took place in parallel with each other. Every space was divided into many zones with a stage, each is dedicated to its field: these are not only technologies and IT developments, but also VR / AR, marketing, game industry, mobile applications, AI, Big Data, Social Media, IT Security, cryptocurrency, startups, sports and much more. The WS site posted a schedule where you could draw up your own plan and attend those presentations that are most interesting to you.


For whom?

This is a large-scale event for large company managers, business owners, startups and representatives of various industries. A great opportunity to learn a lot from the world of high technology. A record number of start-ups were presented at the Web Summit – 1800. More than 1200 speakers from different parts of the world appear on the summit stages, including the creator of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee, Microsoft President Brad Smith, Oculus Rift inventor Palmer Lucky, stage director Darren Aronofsky, eBay CEO Devin Wenig, Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider and even former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.


What did they say?

The keynote of all opening speeches was the issue of a secure future on the Internet. The world has reached the point where 50% of the Earth’s population is connected and has Internet access. And now it can be considered one of the basic rights for the majority. It is in our power to make this space friendly and helpful. And how to put digital solutions at the service of society, while avoiding the traps lurking on the World Wide Web?



The state paid a lot of attention to this event. The speakers were the President of Portugal, the Prime Minister of Portugal, the UN Secretary-General (Portuguese by nationality). We were pleased with the number and openness of discussions that took place with real performers, top managers of the largest companies and corporations in the world. Speakers shared trends, problems, were told where the vector of their further development is directed. Everything is extremely compressed but in essence. It is worth a visit to get inspired, but you need to have a clear understanding of what you are interested in.


Startup and Corporate Business.

Real-time startup showcases grow up and become more solid every year. Previously, young projects rarely demonstrated prototypes of their developments. This year there were more beta and growth projects demonstrating work products and the real customer base. As for corporate business, one can clearly see how their approaches for using innovations continue to change. For example, even PVA holding presented its well-known brands: Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Brands are trying to show openness to new technologies and are looking for competitive advantages not only in increasing sales. Their interest is not an investment for dividends, but the application of technology in their business. This could be achieved both by acquisitions of startups and simply by obtaining exclusive rights to these technologies.


Why is it important to attend?

In addition to conferences, exhibitions, and forums on the Web Summit 2018, there was something else. This was a party network where startups meet with technology companies and investors; the place where the presence of advanced technologies, including, for advertising and marketing, took place. This was a more interactive event format.


What can you get?

The most important reason why we should attend such an event is a new experience and inspection. For our clients, first of all, we are experts and consultants, and accordingly, it is critically important to understand all the latest trends and convert them into plans, strategies, actions. This means being professional and fulfilling our responsibilities in a quality manner.


We will definitely take part in the #WebSummit2019, since such conferences are an almost perfect way to keep abreast of technological trends, monitor how industries solve their problems, and simply expand the circle of business communication.