Itera Research is among the Top 25 CRM Software Development Companies

Itera Research’s background and expertise are tightly linked to the development of management software for customer relationships, accounting and billing, delivery processing and logistics, human resources or facilities asset management.

Recently we are proud to say that we have been featured as a Top CRM Software Development Company on

CRM, or customer relationship management, represents far more than just a contact list of customers. These tools record, prioritize, and monitor the status of your relationships with customers as well as internal procedures and activities.

These days, to be effective and competitive, no organization should work without CRM and software development companies are no exception.

According to the research carried out by Itera Research, 80% of the development companies failed in finding a CRM matching their specific needs so they started to build their own. However only a few of them have completed it and used it and our company is in this minority. We created Fine CRM in 2007 and continue using it to manage our entire business flow, boosting it periodically with new features and advanced UX and UI.

In short, it fully covers needs in:

  • Task and project management;
  • Human resources management;
  • Accounting tools;
  • Tracking proposal pipelines and campaign details;
  • Customer tools such as forum, knowledge base or a billing system.

A CRM we developed for an Australian customer grew into a SaaS ERP which improves not only the sales flow but also product management (shipment, stock control), supply and stock control, warehouse and asset management, marketing and accounting.

There is a question without a correct answer – whether it’s better to use an off-the-shelf CRM or order a bespoke one.

Any solution has its pros and cons and the choice depends on the specifics of an organization and its internal flows. However, it’s better to bear in mind that it might be impossible to customize software out of the box or enhance it with new functionality to exactly match your needs.