Itera Research Terms Of the Software Development Services

Last modified: July 4, 2019

Dear client,

Thank you for using the services provided by Itera Research.

We take care of the efficiency and smoothness of the delivery of the result of our work to bring it to the maximum. 

The present document was made in order to ensure a more transparent and clear project work. The document describes cooperation principles, terms, and conditions that are applied by Itera Research by default unless otherwise is agreed upon.

By using our Services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully.


Primary communication channel

Every project has a single primary communication channel only. 

A default communication channel is an email, unless otherwise is stated. 

When multiple communication channels are used on the project any source material (i.e. functional specification or work statement), deliverable or change into any aspect of the project has to be delivered to Itera Research through the primary communication channel, even if it’s been agreed in any other communication channel used.

The primary communication channel is agreed upon at the beginning of the project.


Customer response time

Itera Research expects answers to ongoing project questions to be provided by the customer no later than 2 business days after the date of inquiry. Later responses are subject to changes in the project timeline.  


Priority order

The main aspects of the project are always confirmed before the start of work. Therefore the latest email before the start of development containing any project details or changes into them is considered to be a reference for project scope, budget, and timeline. 


Requirements specification

If project specifications are general and do not offer explicit descriptions for every particular feature Itera Research will interpret the requirements at sole discretion within the general goal of the project. Any further changes into particular approaches and features, in this case, are treated as change requests and charged extra. If a project is executed under a Fixed Cost model any elaboration on project specifications and/or description of any particular feature can only be accepted before the start of development or after the current development cycle is completed or stopped to apply these changes. All the effort taken by that point and applied to restart the development is charged extra and isn’t covered by the initial estimate. 


Amendments of the Requirements specification

Any change in project sources (i.e. specs, designs, descriptions, 3rd party components and materials used, etc.) is subject to change in the project budget and timeline. 


3rd party components

Itera Research does not guarantee the work or performance of any 3rd party component used in the project.


Project delivery

By default, Itera Research delivers the code as an archive file unless otherwise is clearly specified in the project specs or initial correspondence. Extra deployments and client hosting and server setups are subject to separate estimation on every particular project. ‘Environment setup’ in the default estimate involves internal environment setup (local machines of developers and test server accessible from within). 



The customer is expected to check the delivered work within 2 weeks after it’s reported done using the primary communication channel of the project. If no feedback is received within 2 weeks after the project is reported done it’s considered as accepted by the customer in full. After the project is accepted by the client via the primary communication channel or automatic acceptance described above takes place the Free support period starts.


Free support period

The length of the Free support period is 2 weeks if otherwise isn’t fixed in the agreement. Bugs reported within the Free support period are fixed free of charge, fixes for ones reported after the Free support period ends will be charged. The length of this free support period can be adjusted only before the start of development in the initial project terms. 

Itera Research guarantees the response (not a fix) to any issue reported on the project reported done within 1 business day. Fixes are not guaranteed to be applied immediately as developers are normally involved on numerous projects and get switched between them to be fully and constantly engaged in paid work. If Itera Research is expected to guarantee the exact fix time it can only be achieved by a retainer for a certain amount of prepaid hours that make particular developers reserved for particular projects or clients. 

If the issue was reported within the free support period – it’ll be fixed for free even if the fix will be performed after the free support period is over. 


External changes

Any changes made into any of the project deliverables by the customer or any 3rd party acting on the customer’s behalf subject to extra charges on the original estimate. If by the time those changes are made project is in either Acceptance or Free support period those periods get automatically canceled and Itera Research will no longer do the free fixes on the scope affected by those changes.



Itera Research hands over the project deliverables only after the final payment is received unless otherwise is clearly specified. Any payment delay is subject to changes in the project timeline and handover date.  



Itera Research reserves the right to place any non-NDA project into its portfolio.


Non-development services

Content management and setup of any additional tool (i.e. project features expansion, monitoring, analytics) is not a part of the scope by default and charged extra unless otherwise is clearly specified.



Time worked in excess of the agreed limits, over 40 working hours, shall be regarded as overtime. Overtime pay for hours worked over 40 in a workweek, must receive one and a half their regular rates of pay, unless otherwise provided by agreements. Overtime hours should be agreed upon with the employee or employee’s manager.