Every year, the importance of digitalization is felt more and more strongly, and firstly, it is felt by non-IT companies. When a company decides to keep up with the times, a dilemma arises: hire your staff or use outsourcing. Today we will talk about the benefits and challenges that companies can face using the example of one customer story.

Imagining the modern world without the Internet is virtually impossible. Every day, people interact with dozens of websites and applications, and as we all know, the better the user’s impression of them, the higher the likelihood that they will become indispensable to those in the digital world.

It is difficult to imagine a modern business without tools to support management decisions. That’s right, we are talking about business analysis (BA). Solutions for business analysis are very popular among companies operating in various fields, including IT. Business analysis is something that is necessarily used by large, medium-sized, and even small businesses today.

Implementing new technologies is a complex process. In addition to creating the technology itself, there is the human factor. People are not always able to immediately grasp the essence of changes and accept them, even if it makes their life easier. This was especially noticeable in the project to create an ISA device. This is a project aimed at developing cities according to the Smart City principle and focused on simplifying the control of meter readings collected by housing and communal services.