The Itera Research team always tries to be at the center of all the coolest events. Therefore, we did not manage to pass by such a major event as the 2021 web summit.

In addition to vivid impressions, we managed to find out where the world will move in the next few years and breakthroughs in which areas we should expect next year.

So we decided to share insights, because experts, as always, are very excited about the latest technologies and developments in the field of AI and how it can radically change our lives in the near future.

When developing new software in the field of EdTech, it is important to take into account what standards are adopted in the region of application use. If the software is planned to be used in different regions, then an experienced contractor will ask questions and propose in advance the optimal set of required standards.

There are situations when the deadline is not just burning, but specifically, the chair on which the customer is sitting is already being burned. Taking on a project that is a month away from delivery, and the process has barely crossed the starting line, is not an easy task. Most experienced teams refuse such projects because these are big risks, but our team knows how, as they say, to play at limits and bring any business to the end.

Project estimates are an estimate of the time or effort required to complete a project. In work on any project, the estimate – it is also the estimate of the time-money of the project – cannot be 100% known until its completion. At the same time, in order to somehow calculate, there are 3 types of assessment.

Understandably, not everyone is ready to take the step of completely replacing older systems, at least not all at once, because it means investing money and time. An internal rule of Itera Research is: if you can do the money/time analysis – do it. In this article, we examine the reason why we adhere to such a policy and what it tells us. 

The Story of One Bottle Once upon a time, there was a bottle. She was sad and lonely because as soon as she was emptied she was thrown under the table where she rolled into a dark corner. The cleaning lady could not find her, so she lay there in the dark. One lonely bottle.

There is an expression “your glory is ahead of you”. 

Seeing the work of the Smart infrastructure management system, the owner of his own security agency contacted us with a request to develop a comprehensive solution: hardware + software, which would be cheaper to operate, but at the same time performed the same function.

According to McKinsey’s research, 66% of projects ultimately require more resources, and 17% are completely different once the project is complete. As a result, the amounts of time required for revisions are two to three times higher than those initially stated. The blame could be placed on the teams working on the project, but in reality, the actual estimate of the deadline is to blame.

You never know for certain where a problem will arise, and what will delay the release of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for presentation to investors. Inevitably things change, and more often then not they change more than a few times. These changes can start with the MVP itself and end with changes in the goals of the project.

Traditional business models, one where the boss provides office space and any necessary equipment for the job, are gradually becoming a thing of the past. The formation of new models of business relations, together with quarantine restrictions, has become almost canon for hiring for a specific task, rather than the permanent maintenance of an entire worksite.