Let’s first determine what reality we are in. It can be clearly defined as a situation of uncertainty. In such a socially significant sphere as education (secondary and higher), distance learning will gain more and more popularity. As for online training services for business, and private persons they also will not stand still. Some enterprises, unfortunately, have now suspended or reduced their activities. Others try, if possible, to adapt to remote work. People found themselves in difficult situations, but this is not a reason to panic. Many perceive the current situation as a new opportunity to improve their own professionalism, to obtain a new specialty.

Today, we want to dwell on one rapidly developing aspect of security, and not only in software development but also in your business – this is biometric access to data, information, equipment, work-space. Companies are paying more and more attention to risk management, therefore, to ensure a higher level of security, in an increasing number of systems are used cost-effective biometric readers, crowding out access card readers and keyboards for entering passwords. This affected the willingness of hard and software manufacturers to develop the industry and technology. The use of biometric technologies is not just fast authentication, but also the main security tool.

Today everyone felt how difficult it is to put together an in-house development team. And not always an in-house team is a possible way out. There are plenty of situations when connecting a remote, ready for rapid start team is a necessity. Organizing the proper and completely safe development on your own side requires significant financial investments in technical equipment and in-depth study of the subject and when you are on deadlines for the implementation of new modules, this is ultimately not an option at all.

Despite the rapidly evolving world situation, the calls of doctors and governments to isolate themselves, it turned out that many companies and teams have not switched to remote work. And the point here is not always in company management. An instruction from the management may have passed, but the head of the department does not want to work from home or employees are faced with internal issues between the departments. Let’s try to figure out why?

The current circumstances and rapidly developing situation in the world forced us to work remotely. It only seems that working at home, you will free up a lot of time that you previously spent on travel, chatter with colleagues and endless, sometimes unnecessary meetings. In fact, when a sofa and a TV are comfortably located near your workplace, the cake smells in the kitchen and a cat is circling around the apartment, it can be difficult to concentrate.

No matter how far technology goes, clients will always appreciate the friendly, caring service provided by real people. They will smile when you call them by name, provide them with information, or provide assistance that they did not expect. And they will tell their friends about friendly, attentive service and employees who know what they are doing and who like to do it.

The future has come, but instead of a “John” robot, a smart, albeit anonymous, coffee machine can make coffee – the main thing is to set the time for your awakening. A smart heater will turn on at your arrival at home, a smart washing and drying machine will prepare things for tomorrow’s business trip, a smart outlet will turn off a forgotten iron, etc.

Our team of those crazy people who want to change the world for the better. There is an understanding of what specific things can be done for the benefit of nature and the planet in the future. For us, this is a question of self-realization. We do not want to live by the common principle of the rat race.

Blockchain is a theme that excites the imagination of a modern person living in the world of post-truth. In the average person’s mind, the blockchain is still tightly connected with financial operations. But for an “advanced user”, this is a ticket to a new world, where it will be much more difficult to manipulate data than before.