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We discovered that the majority of outsourcing software development providers, as well as non-designer customers, use certain terms interchangeably to describe design deliverables. Mockup is confused with wireframe, prototype with MVP, and sketch with wireframe.

The problem is that a misunderstanding in communication may lead to suspension of a business partnership, wasted time and lost money, damaged reputations and other unwanted consequences for both clients and service companies.

Itera Research always keeps its ear to the ground within the industry, which is why we couldn’t miss CeBIT – the most internationally represented computer expo, which took place in Hanover from March 14-18.

Itera Research attended the IT & Business Trade Fair for Digital Processes and Solutions which took place from 4-6/10/2016 in Stuttgart, Germany.

The event comprised IT & Business, DMS EXPO and CRM-expo and was dedicated to new trends and technologies associated with CRM and ERP systems.

Price comparison websites (PCWs) have become extremely popular in recent years.

The growth of the intermediaries market can be explained by consumer demand for saving time when searching for products or services from different online shops and suppliers and being confident that they will get the best deal. The same tendency can be observed in the sports betting market. We explored well-known odds comparison websites and using the best practices implemented  high-performance and secure system for the Georgian market.

Launching a new startup, either online or offline is quite a risky journey, but more and more people are being encouraged to offer new services and products. At the same time, however, more and more startups are failing. According to Harvard Business School research, 70 to 80% of all startups fail to deliver a return on investment and a whopping 90 to 95% fall short of meeting projections. Many experts agree that 50 to 90% of all startups shut down completely within the first few years.

The talents of Ukrainian software developers are well-known worldwide. Major companies such as Samsung Electronics, NetCracker, Wargaming, Magento, Siemens and SysIQ outsource software development to companies based in Ukraine, open offices in Ukraine and even set up their R&D centers there. Ukrainian developers are professional, responsive, innovative and dedicated. But this article will shed some light on another side of Ukrainians that you are unlikely to know or ever hear about.

Magento is a perfect solution for E-commerce. There are plenty of features included to meet any requirements and needs of sellers. However, there is a problem when displaying common static pages, such as the About Us and Contact pages, which is called CMS pages in Magento.

There is an option to edit and add them in the Admin panel, but when a user needed to display links on the main navigation bar, there was a problem.

It was impossible to accomplish without code customization, which required a great deal of time and effort. Given how frequently we were asked about this type of development, we decided to create an extension to simplify the process.

Flexbox proves to be another exciting addition to the W3C Working Draft. This should be used sparingly, as it’s at the very cutting edge of development there may still be teething issues. However, through experimentation and working at the very edges of what is possible, this promises to be an exciting way of laying out pages.