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Every WebSummit is completely different. We do not know yet what we will perceive this year. But we can definitely say that it is very numerous and diverse. In the meantime, active preparations for #WebSummit2019 are underway, and we want to remind you what the #WebSummit2018 was like. Last year this technological conference brought together over 70,000 participants. It’s not in vain, according to Forbes magazine, this conference is the best high-tech event in the world. The specialists from around the world meet at the summit to keep abreast of upcoming trends, to build a network, to present their projects or find investors.

The second year of the Tech Festival in Copenhagen brought in more than 16,000 people over five days. We had the opportunity to attend as well, and some interesting experiences to share with you.

We had a chance to visit a workshop that was held in a loft-style coworking.

It was a glorious summer for Itera Research. Numerous high-quality solutions were created for our clients, new business relations were built, and we made further steps towards professional improvement.

One of these steps was the attendance of IoT Tech Expo Amsterdam 2018. It was an outstanding experience, and we would like to share our impressions with you.

You don’t need a lot to develop an LMS system. Yet, it doesn’t mean you’ll end up creating a good LMS system. To make sure you’re better than your competitors in eLearning market, you need to pay close attention to some details before you even start writing the first line of your code.

In today’s world, a webinar is not only a remote lecture on video communication but a useful tool for generating leads and promoting on the Internet. By giving people the opportunity to find out the information they are interested in, you will receive contact information of potential customers already interested in your services in return. On gaining wide application in the advertising field, webinars received a powerful push to automate many functions. After all, to use all the capabilities of this tool you need to perform many operations manually. Therefore, we have prepared materials on how to make an assistant tool in conducting webinars, which meets all modern and personal needs.

If you were lucky enough to visit the WebSummit at least once, then we don’t need to explain you why we used the word “survive”. And if you’re just planning a trip, then you should definitely read these tips. This is a wonderful and huge event that will turn your world around, show the freshest trends, and fill your notebook with new contacts. However, for the grandiose nature (60 thousand people it’s like at the English Premier League football match) of the event not to grasp your plans, we prepared these 10 WebSummit advices.

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