CeBIT 2016. Trends overview

The Itera Research team is always seeking new ideas, exploring innovations, and revolutionizing solutions in software development. We attend the most prestigious IT events, including Web Summit in Dublin and the IT & Business Trade Fair in Stuttgart. Itera Research always keeps its ear to the ground within the industry, which is why we couldn’t miss CeBIT – the most internationally represented computer expo, which took place in Hanover from March 14-18.

World industry leaders, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Salesforce were featured at CeBIT, as well as young and ambitious startups, even some run by students! In total, there were around 3,300 companies represented from 70 countries.

Our team was very impressed by the level of professionalism at the event, and how many of the companies presented themselves. There is a good reason why CeBIT is the tech industry’s most important highlight of the year; it drives creativity and collaboration within the entire industry.

There were many new formats of how the companies presented themselves and their products. Companies astonished attendees with their shows and attractions, ranging from beer and snacks, tea with cookies, and Turkish sweets to an impressive climbing wall, a fashion show and even a dance on the podium! Furthermore, each day, one million business talks took place at the exhibition center. Just imagine – 1,000,000 different talks!

Many of the talks were focused on the opportunities created by digitalization in various industries and business segments, as well as talks on the massively increasing number of startups. The main trends that we noticed were:

  • technical solutions and data are more and more actively moved to the cloud,
  • selling a product is being transformed to selling a subscription for a product.

Our team has also noticed a general simplification of software and the popularity of minimalistic designs, as these are simpler, and thus better. There was even a popular motto being passed around, “If my grandma has managed to use the app, it’s ready to mass market.”

Itera Research has the opportunity to meet many interesting people and not only made new contacts, but also found inspiration for new ideas and significant knowledge for the software development industry. We are excited to integrate these into our corporate processes to improve the quality of services that we offer.

For us, CeBIT is the quintessence of talented people and brilliant ideas.

Looking forward to seeing you at CeBIT 2017!



Itera Research Team