Beyond the Buzz: Key Takeaways from Web Summit 2022

The Itera Research team makes a concerted effort to be present at the most exciting events, and the recent Web Summit 2022 was no exception. Besides gaining valuable experiences, we also had the opportunity to glean insights into where the world is headed in the upcoming years, and what groundbreaking innovations we can expect in the near future. We were reminded that the future is not just looming ahead – it has already arrived.

Today, we are eager to share some of the trends and fascinating observations we encountered that could potentially represent unexpected breakthroughs for numerous businesses in 2023.


Voice assistants

Only a few years ago, referring to Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s smart assistant as “smart” would have been a stretch. However, with the advancement of AI technology, these same assistants are now capable of ordering food, accessing videos, playing music, calling contacts, setting reminders, and much more.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of voice assistant users has surged by 30%, and this number continues to grow.

We believe that the prime era of AI assistants is on the horizon.


News and Generation Z

It’s common knowledge that young individuals have grown up with smartphones, computers, and any other device that can connect to the internet. Social media, forums, and content-sharing platforms have become their primary source for gathering information and news about the world.

Statistics indicate that news presented in the form of Instagram memes is much more relevant to the younger generation than lengthy, unengaging articles on the same topic found on web versions of Forbes or other publications.

Given that the younger generation thinks and views the world differently, it’s imperative to employ alternative methods of conveying information and promoting publications on platforms that are of interest to them.

As a result, some publishers have already begun exploring TikTok, expanding their reach on Instagram and YouTube, and adapting the format and style of news presentation to make it more appealing and captivating to younger audiences.


The Internet, safe for children

Meta universes, despite being in their early stages, continue to evolve and provide a new way of interacting with the internet and other users. However, they still face the same issues as the rest of the Web 2.0 world – especially personal security. Despite the efforts of developers, some players will always find ways to bully others, cross personal boundaries, and discourage others from going online.

But there is good news: this problem is being addressed right now! The vast majority of projects on Web 3.0 not only focus on decentralization and data security but also create a safe and comfortable environment for user interaction, including children.

Many creators of meta universes are already creating separate rules for underage users, which ensures a safe and secure environment while protecting their rights and freedoms. One of the pioneers in this space is Lego.


How can Startups Survive in the Current Environment?

We were deeply impressed by the presentation given by Fred Destin, the founder of StrideVC. According to Fred, “If you are a startup founder, you can say, ‘I will meditate on the failure of my company until it no longer stresses me out, then my mind will be clear to execute.'”

This statement received a flurry of applause, as it offered a fresh perspective on the current challenges that small tech companies face. Fred believes that startups are the best-suited entities to challenge corporations because of their inherent culture. “The reason small startups keep kicking the butt of incumbent companies is because of teams of eight or ten or fifteen people. These are very fast-growing organisms that thrive in chaos.”

Fred also recommended drawing inspiration and strength from the Samurai way of life. “First of all, they meditate on their death 1,000 times before they go into battle. So if you’re a startup founder, you might say, ‘I’m going to meditate on the failure of my company until it stops stressing me out, and then my mind will be clear to execute.’ The second thing the Samurai do is kill you with one sword movement. That is, everything has to have an impact at all times when you have limited energy, limited time, limited money.”


The future is in the sun

The cost of electric cars has been a significant barrier to their widespread adoption. Sono Motors aims to tackle this challenge with its Sion electric car, which is set to hit the market in 2023 with a price tag of 25,000 euros.

What sets the Sion apart from other electric cars is its integration of 56 solar panels, which can generate up to 150 miles of energy per week in sunny weather.

Production of the Sion is slated to begin soon in Finland, and the car has already been showcased in various locations worldwide, including New York City.


Our insights 

As a research and development company, we recognize the lightning-fast pace of digital technology development. We constantly seek to stay abreast of the latest trends and accumulate new knowledge, knowing that the demand for innovative solutions far outweighs the opportunities to create them.

Many narrowly focused projects requiring specialized expertise can take years to develop. This is reflected in the ever-increasing number of startups, which currently number over 2,500.

As the number of ideas and opportunities continues to grow, so will the demand for their implementation. If you have an idea, we are here to help make it a reality. Let us work together to bring your dreams to life.