Simple Tricks to Increase Sales on Apparel Ecommerce Websites

Simple Tricks to Increase Sales on Apparel Ecommerce Websites


There is no denying that ecommerce has become a huge part of modern life. In 2016, experts predict that more than $327 billion will be spent in ecommerce by Americans alone. More specifically, apparel ecommerce is a major contributor to that total, and is also a very competitive sector. As an apparel ecommerce website, if you want to stand out from the crowd and get noticed in the best ways, there are a few simple strategies that can increase your customer retention, efficiency, user experience, and revenue.

When and Why Do You Need a Project Manager?


While negotiating with our prospects and clients, we were frequently asked about the role and necessity of a Project Manager. We saw that they had the wrong impression of what a project manager actually does and didn’t fully recognize how important of a part project management plays. In order to get all the benefits of utilizing a Project Manager, it is important to identify and understand a situation when one is needed.

Magento: Custom Static block controlled from admin


Sometimes, we want to edit the content of a static block in an easy way, such as how we are able to edit information in the header and footer blocks in the System > Configuration > Design section.

This can be done by adding a custom group with input fields so that we can put our content, titles, and images into separate fields. For example, we can place our custom block group under Footer options (System > Configuration > Design section).

Testing websites: top tweaks to try


Thorough, complete, website testing for major websites, spanning dozens of pages can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. However, this type of money and the rigorous testing that major

corporate websites go through does not preclude the words “do-it-yourself”. Even with only a beginner’s knowledge of testing websites, starting from scratch, will take under a week for a

moderately sized website (we’re not talking about testing Wikipedia here). As such there’s absolutely no excuse for checking and testing at least the basics.

How to Start Your Website


If you’re planning to start a new business online, but are not particularly tech-savvy, it can be difficult to know what the proper steps are to follow.

This brief will get you started in the right direction.

Which CMS will be crowned Content King in 2015?


Content management systems are all over the web these days.

So much so that it’s often hard for the time-pressed entrepreneur to choose between them.

Here we review three of the top picks (WordPress, Magento, Drupal) to see who will come out with the crown.

Magento: Custom menu configuration section using a field array


As we already know, we can add custom sections with input fields to the system configuration page in admin by using a system.xml config file in our module.

The Magento Adminhtml module provides different types of form fields that we can use, one of which is Form Field Array. This form field allows you to create multiple rows with input fields.

Welcome to Itera Research Blog


We decided to start this blog because we have a great deal of knowledge and expertise to share with our customers, partners, and developers.

We will gather frequently asked questions and concerns that we have received throughout our 10 years in the industry to better advise you on your specific issues. This will allow you to hear our opinions about issues in the Web and Mobile software development field, as well as our ideas on building remote (telecommuting) departments.