Welcome to Itera Research Blog


We decided to start this blog because we have a great deal of knowledge and expertise to share with our customers, partners, and developers. We will gather frequently asked questions and concerns that we have received throughout our 10 years in the industry to better advise you on your specific issues.

This will allow you to hear our opinions about issues in the Web and Mobile software development field, as well as our ideas on building remote (telecommuting) departments. We will be regularly updating this blog with our reviews of certain technologies, platforms, frameworks, and CMSs, as well as with our case studies about solving tricky problems, and strategies for finding cost-effective and time-saving solutions for various industries.

We will also include plenty of useful information about trends and approaches related to Web design and development.
We would also appreciate if you share your feedback with us. What would you like to see on the blog? What is the most important area for us to focus on? A development process guide? Hints? Code samples? Something else? Please let us know. We would love to hear from you!

Sincerely, Itera Research Team