Foreign Teachers – the story of charitable platform from an Ukraine-inspired client

Hard times always lead to the creation of something new. This cycle repeats itself time after time. Challenges to humanity become a starter for the birth of new ideas, and with it, projects. 


Right now Ukraine is going through a difficult time. Many countries support our homeland, where Itera Research appeared 18 years ago. This time we are going to tell you about an unusual project, which appeared thanks to the initiative of our friend Scott. We have been working together for many years and our relationship has long grown into a partnership format, so it’s not surprising that Scott came to Itera Research with his idea. 


Do your best and a little bit more 

Foreign Teachers Org is a non-governmental organization of hundreds of volunteers who want to help Ukrainian children affected by war. The key idea of the project is to provide an opportunity to learn English from professional teachers completely free of charge. 

Already now there are over 1000 qualified teachers and linguists registered in the project who are willing to give from 1 hour a week to teach children from 4 to 17 years old. 


To an open heart comes open opportunities 

When Scott approached us, his idea was already partially implemented as a simple platform with a huge field for improvement, which we immediately suggested. In addition to commercial development, it is also important for us to continue the volunteer mission of the company, which we undertook back in 2014 supporting displaced people and orphanages. After all, what are small overtimes compared to a huge idea that can help children? 


What we have now?

While the design and functionality process is ongoing, you can already plug into the teaching and learning process. The platform is up and running, the first students are emerging, and we all believe there will soon be many times that number. 

Anyone who is 18 and educated can join teaching. All volunteers are sure to receive certificates of appreciation. Learn more about how to become a volunteer at the registration link: 

There is also a registration form for students at and an office to sign up for a class at 

And for those who just want to familiarize themselves with the platform, there is the main website at 

So far we are continuing our work, and as soon as the project is ready, we will present the finished version. We stay in touch!