Hug the client: what do customers expect and want?

Yes, we live in a time when the only difference between services and products is that the client can perceive the quality of service. But exactly this difference creates his positive attitude and disposition towards the company and its products or services. This is a competitive advantage for client-oriented companies. The most accurate and comprehensive definition of customer service: “Service is what our clients think about it.”

Surprisingly, many companies do not see the connection between sales and quality of service. They consider their unspoken contract fulfilled when a client receives a service or product. They consider the service as an unpaid, unforeseen and, as a result, a completely unnecessary bonus. But the underlying nature of service has remained unchanged. People want courtesy, product knowledge, help and enthusiasm from company employees. Quality service is the concentration of all resources and all employees of a company on client satisfaction. It is all employees, and not just those who directly communicate with the client. The service includes everything: sales, delivery, order processing, HR, correspondence, invoicing, sales on credit, finance and accounting, advertising and public relations, data processing, etc.

No matter how far technology goes, clients will always appreciate the friendly, caring service provided by real people. They will smile when you call them by name, provide them with information, or provide assistance that they did not expect. And they will tell their friends about friendly, attentive service and employees who know what they are doing and who like to do it.

We are committed to becoming a customer-oriented company that understands that its only real asset is satisfied clients, each expects an individual approach.

Our client is a partner! A partner who is ready to consult with you and trust you, with whom we are in the same reality, have common interests. Our clients are also the result of our work! We are developing thanks to the non-standard tasks that we solve for our clients and together with our clients. Together we find the most profitable solution for optimizing processes and increasing profits. All this inevitably has a positive effect on long-term cooperation.

Inspired after a productive working week with our client in the Kharkiv office of Itera Research.