Artificial intelligence and how it can benefit your business

Artificial intelligence is predicted to be the hottest topic of 2023. It has been one of the most advertised technologies of the past decade, alongside virtual reality and blockchain.

According to experts and analysts, the golden age of artificial intelligence will occur between 2032 and 2056 in technologically advanced countries such as the United States, Europe, and China. This is when exponential AI becomes more possible due to the explosive growth of new business models, industries, and synergy between different types of companies. The main driver of progress in the field of AI will be the upcoming generation. The younger workforce is the most creative.

The 2020s are mostly a period of the birth of this wave of new technologies. Today’s companies in the pharmaceutical or cloud technology industry may not necessarily be tomorrow’s winners. Today’s entrepreneurs can use the cheaper cost of artificial intelligence to create new companies or simply improve existing ones.

Transport and autonomous networks

Smart logistics with autonomous management

E-commerce execution

Affordable housing

Construction and real estate

Super Apps: Banking

Digital transformation of remote work

Cloud services and AI as a service.


Many industries and other applications of artificial intelligence are yet to be invented, giving almost unlimited potential for AI development.

Thus, the 2020s are an exciting time, especially if you live in areas with huge potential to ride the wave of 21st-century artificial intelligence.

Countries, companies, and even private entrepreneurs who consider the economic engine of artificial intelligence in the long term and prepare a sufficient number of employees will gain a significant advantage.

Those who invest in education in the field of artificial intelligence, including engineers in cloud technologies, cybersecurity, quantum computing, blockchain, and other AI-based technologies, at an early stage will have a significant advantage over those who do not.

AI is already an incredibly popular industry, with the amount of money flowing into AI startups steadily increasing over the last decade. Venture capital analysis firm Dealroom predicts that investors will put more than $100 billion into AI startups this year, compared to roughly $60 billion in 2020.


And according to McKinsey’s research, by 2030, AI will bring $13 trillion in realized value to the global economy. However, little of this has been realized yet as it remains challenging to create various AI models.

How data-oriented is manufacturing becoming? The wider use of AI in manufacturing aligns with the broader corporate sector’s push towards digitization. According to Google Cloud, 76% of manufacturing companies have turned to data processing and analytics, cloud computing, and AI technologies due to the pandemic.

What about digital transformation? As pandemic-related challenges make supply chains, including labour shortages and transportation disruptions, difficult, the adoption of AI is likely to accelerate. Deloitte reports that 93% of companies believe that AI will be a key component in driving growth and innovation in manufacturing.


How exactly can AI help improve your business or production?

  • Implementing computer vision AI can help reduce defective parts in production by checking every millimetre of produced goods for defects, and scratches, and notifying enterprise operators of any issues.
  • AI can monitor the assembly process, from cars to steel beams for construction.
  • AI can become your assistant in the form of a smart chatbot to increase sales speed on Instagram/Facebook.

Modern artificial intelligence can perform an enormous amount of tasks simultaneously, which were previously assigned to people. This significantly speeds up the task execution process, increases their quantity, and improves their quality. Additionally, it allows for significant savings in your business.

These AI-based services are now available in our team’s portfolio! We can now help improve your business, whether it is a logistics company, production or assembly plant, an Instagram shop, or others.