Case study: What developments are needed for the protection sphere?

One Hundred Percent Safety With Private Security Agencies

Private security agencies are a common practice around the world. In the 80s, the first private security agency appeared in the United States. Later, the world picked up this trend, and today some countries have more than 200,000 employees in the private security industry. With this level of competition, each of the companies strives to offer the best conditions and service packages

Unfortunately, it is this saturation of the market that is the issue. Many entrepreneurs began to turn to IT companies to create unique solutions that distinguish them from competitors.


Patents and Monopolies

The sphere of security services in Ukraine has existed for a long time. Thus, it is not surprising that the first agency that entered the niche has monopolized the market. The concerns are related to patents for software and specialized devices, including sensors, keyboards, etc. As a result, everyone else is forced to acquire the rights to use the technologies or equipment provided, which forces them to raise the price of services. This is why many companies began to look for solutions to create their own product in order to avoid commission payments and be independent of other people’s developments.


How do I find the right developer? Look at these cases.

There is an expression “your glory is ahead of you”. Seeing the work of the Smart infrastructure management system, the owner of his own security agency contacted us with a request to develop a comprehensive solution: hardware + software, which would be cheaper to operate, but at the same time performed the same function.

How the system works

The principle of the work of security agencies is quite simple and has a single algorithm. At the facility (whether it be a warehouse, a store, or an apartment, etc.), special sensors are installed. These sensors are able to trigger alarms, either on-site or at a separate location, indicating an intrusion. In the event of intrusion, the device with which they are associated sends a signal to the control room, where the person transmits the data to the response team. The team can then acknowledge the signal and move forward with protocols accordingly.

Why reinvent the wheel?

When presented with a project for which an optimal solution already exists, there is no point in reinventing everything from the very beginning. Having access to the software, which at that time was used by the market monopolists, we analyzed each of the components in order to optimize the operation of the system. Upon brainstorming new ideas were brought to light.

The new ideas were very different from the traditional system, some of which even seemed quite extravagant. For example, the creation of a fleet of drones and constant video monitoring of the protected area could be used in many cases. Thus, it would be possible to avoid false calls if security teams identified that an animal entered the territory and not a real intruder.

One of the customer’s ideas was to make the system wireless. In addition to comfort, in terms of use, such systems are becoming trendy because they take up less space and do not require a connection or a person onsite.

Ultimately, it was decided to stay with the initial request and create our own software and device.

Is it possible to improve what already works?

Duplicating someone else’s development is the easiest way to create any technology. But, in addition to mimicking the functionality, you need to find a solution that is unique to and surpasses the existing system.

After analyzing the algorithm of other devices, we noticed that their system worked in three moves: devices sent data to a second module, which was called “Orlan”. Orlan was wired to the device where the operator positions themself and transmits data to the monitor. In our case, a TCP connection was used, which allowed the system to bypass the second step – Orlan, and transmitted information about the signals directly to the dispatcher’s screen.

The final improvement is minimal, but in practice it gives results. That is, the current final version was available not only at a lower price but also a slightly lighter data transfer path.


You can improve, but who needs it?

Almost every product can be re-developed in improved upon, endlessly. It’s the same story with the updates of devices for security systems. Even the idea of ​​drones no longer seems so insanely expensive when you really estimate the cost of one false alarm. Such developments always consider the budget to be increasingly important. The more the customer is ready to invest in his project, the more he can develop it.

In this project, a key improvement was the executive app. The essence of the software was to analyze the work of all teams and issue data to the owner. Such a system is unique in its field and makes it possible to draw up a more competent plan for the development and distribution of the load on the response teams within certain periods.


To Summarize

The essence of the service market is the development of a product that could bypass potential competitors. Even in the case when it seems that there is nothing to improve, through the process of analysis, ideas may arise that allow you to optimize the device or software, which will help to reach higher positions.

In these cases, we successfully implemented the project, conducted the first tests in real-time, after which we discovered it was necessary to make adjustments. Although the development process had its own nuances and difficulties that accompany any activity, it was the process of searching for improvements that led to the answer – the potential is limitless. This is the same story with a huge number of projects and ideas that already exist. As you know, “there is no limit to perfection” and practice confirms this. In the end, the project was successfully launched.