What are the most common distractions for programmers during the work day?

Distractions for programmers during the work day

This question might be interesting for programmers but also for employers who try to avoid possible distractions for their employees.

Everyone who works in an open office environment or even a cubicle has to deal with outside distractions every day on a continual basis, and developers are no exception. Distractions greatly affect performance and productivity, causing a delay in task completion and an increase in the number of bugs. Programmers have a unique mindset and train of thought, and that is why they often lose more time when returning to a task than non-technical people do.

Here are the top six common distractions for programmers:

  1. Meetings
  2. Ambient office noise
  3. Walk up “quick questions”
  4. Skype chats
  5. Emails
  6. Cute coworkers

Employee satisfaction and productivity ultimately have a direct bearing on the organisation’s financial success. Some of the most common distractions among programmers cannot be omitted though. Redesign of an office space, integration of technology, and better planning are able to minimise losses.

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