Simple Tricks to Increase Sales on Apparel Ecommerce Websites

There is no denying that ecommerce has become a huge part of modern life. In 2016, experts predict that more than $327 billion will be spent in ecommerce by Americans alone. More specifically, apparel ecommerce is a major contributor to that total, and is also a very competitive sector. As an apparel ecommerce website, if you want to stand out from the crowd and get noticed in the best ways, there are a few simple strategies that can increase your customer retention, efficiency, user experience, and revenue.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the best techniques for making your mark on the apparel ecommerce market.

Quick buy button

If you have many products that are very similar, a quick buy button is the perfect solution. Help your customers get started with their shopping. Managing your products has never been easier: sale items, most popular, new collections, new arrivals or any combination of these.

Focus on outfits rather than individual products

This is one of the hotter trends seen in ecommerce today and is a basic feature of smart merchandising. Even better, it can help to increase sales. By combining a featured outfit with extra product views on the same page, you’ll make it easier for shoppers to complete their look.

Use a mix and match tool

This handy tool will be hard to resist. Shoppers will get the experience of being in an actual dressing room and they’ll feel like a stylist while trying out different outfits.

Implement a true fit tool

Help your customers feel confident they’re choosing the right size. Simply provide many product details and add interactivity. This will help to minimize returns by helping shoppers to find the perfect fit the first time.

Creative category names

In addition to the common filters that are usually found on the side or top menu, we suggest adding unusual and unexpected categories according to style, color, or even client habits. This will particularly appeal to female audiences.

Focus on imagery

Using high resolution full screen photos of your products still works and is the best way to showcase what you have to offer. Don’t be afraid to use a full screen background video. It isn’t just for luxury and fashion items and it will definitely highlight your brand.

Allow users to adjust the frequency of your newsletter

Make your customers feel in control by letting them choose how often they receive your newsletters. This shows that you are considerate of your customers, which is something that they will definitely appreciate. We are confident you will see your subscription rate grow.


Involve clients

Add a small photo gallery showing customers wearing your apparel. This is an amazing tool for impressing visitors to your website and increasing conversions. Invite shoppers to tag you in their photos by giving special offers and discounts.




Itera Research team