Is there a need for unification of data standards for EdTech?

When developing new software in the field of EdTech, it is important to take into account what standards are adopted in the region of application use. If the software is planned to be used in different regions, then an experienced contractor will ask questions and propose in advance the optimal set of required standards.


Let’s remember what attempts have already been made:

✔️ CEDS – Common Education Data Standards is a US national project. Its main value is a general vocabulary of terms.

✔️ IMS Global Consortium – a non-profit organization offers several specifications – for the exchange of educational content, student data, attendance, academic performance, etc.

✔️ Ed-Fi Standard only deals with data exchange in the sub-domain of school education (K-12 education) and tools – Operational Data Store and API. Based on CEDS data standard

✔️ A4L – Access 4 Learning – develops its data specification – SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework).

✔️ ADL – Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative program of the US Department of Defense.

✔️ Project Unicorn does not create standards itself, but promotes the idea itself.


Finding the universal key is a topic that would seem to be of interest to everyone, but it involves the issue of competition. Everyone wants their data standard to become the world one. And if in the case, for example, with HealthTech, everything is more clear – they managed to reduce the competition to two – then EdTech has yet to do this.