How to Survive WebSummit: 10 Practical Tips

If you were lucky enough to visit the WebSummit at least once, then we don’t need to explain you why we used the word “survive”. And if you’re just planning a trip, then you should definitely read these tips. This is a wonderful and huge event that will turn your world around, show the freshest trends, and fill your notebook with new contacts. However, for the grandiose nature (60 thousand people it’s like at the English Premier League football match) of the event not to grasp your plans, we prepared these 10 WebSummit advices.


10 LifeHacks For WebSummit We Learned


Why do you go there?

Before buying tickets, decide what you want to get from this event. It hardly makes sense to spend huge money on a trip, if you just want to watch the speakers performances. Secretly, I will say that usually, the records of all speeches are available to the general public in the YouTube in 2-3 months. Another thing is when you plan an active networking, personal meetings, or promoting your startup.

Compose the agenda

To do everything, you will need an agenda. Don’t forget to include pubcrawling, nightsummit, and other night events into your plan, as they are the places where you can get even more useful acquaintances. Careful planning is the key to success. It is important to appoint meetings close to each other, so as not to wind circles around the pavilions.

Don’t rely on WiFi

Be sure that the WiFi will not work in the pavilions as there are too many users. So, buy a local sim card on arrival in Lisbon and feel comfortable.

Don’t rely on WebSummit official app too

It is crucial to chat and settle for a meeting outside the official app. Its bugs and crashes were the main topics for backstage conversations and small talks at WebSummit 2017. Those who agreed to a meeting was not able to see where and when they should meet the partner. Try to use common messengers this time.

Prepare to walk much

It’s better to put on comfortable shoes and clothes: you’ll have to walk a lot. Think only: 4 huge pavilions, the main stage, and a separate hall. Experience has shown that 12 km per day is not the limit. Not a trifle. Remember also that there will be a queue at the entrance where you’ll stay at least for an hour. Quite a challenge for your feet.

Register on WebSummit beforehand

You want to participate in any case, do you? Therefore, the best practices are to register on the web summit at the airport, where the whole procedure takes 10 minutes. Do not be too lazy to do it in advance.

Take some food with you

Take a snack along as queues at food courts can leave you hungry. You can also grab an empty bottle to fill it with water and not look for a cooler every time you want to drink.

Charge the phone

Yes, it’s a crucial point. You won’t survive the Websummit without the phone’s assistance. Better take a power bank with you to be mobile and not to suffer circumstances. I’ll bet, you keep both the agenda and the list of meetings in the smartphone, so you need to keep it charged.

Note everything

One proven way of how to succeed at the Websummit is to note all the information you gained. It is proved that everything that was not noted in the next couple of minutes will be immediately forgotten.

Don’t mix up alcohol

Just don’t do it, all right? Don’t be tempted as this temptation will ruin your impressions of the event and disrupt all the plans.


Sincerely yours,

IteraResearch team