How to make Christmas & New Year greetings continuous and touching

Our team of those crazy people who want to change the world for the better. There is an understanding of what specific things can be done for the benefit of nature and the planet in the future. For us, this is a question of self-realization. We do not want to live by the common principle of the rat race. Therefore, this year the whole team took a new initiative for ourselves – not to make standard gifts for Christmas and New Year for our partners and friends.

We will not give them a card, a cute souvenir wrapped in a beautiful gift paper, we will not give them a notebook or diary, we will not give them sweets this year.

And we have good reasons for this.

Have you ever wondered how much money is usually spent on corporate gifts? For instance in your country?  In Ukraine, this is $ 50,000,000 per year. Impressive?! For us, yes.

Bearing in mind how nature is threatened nowadays we decided to renew at least a little part of the greenery and planted dozens of trees in a schoolyard in Kharkiv this autumn. Look here how it was. Without our proudest partners, this would not be possible and they are an inseparable participant in this initiative.

Thank you for being with us and making the world a better place for living!