Help to Ukraine

Itera Research is a Ukrainian IT company founded in Kharkiv more than 15 years ago. Almost all of our employees are native Ukrainians who lived and worked in Ukraine. Today, when our country was attacked by the Russian aggressor, we were forced to leave our main office in Kharkiv. Most of our employees have moved to other cities and even countries. We were forced to take these measures.

But even so, we remain patriots of our country and actively support “Armed forces of Ukraine”, “Territorial defense” and the cyber army. Several of our employees have gone into the military and are left to fight for our freedom and our future. The rest of the team is working hard on the Internet front, helping volunteer organizations, and doing everything possible to win.

Today Ukraine has become a shield for the entire civilized world. We protect Europe from Russia and its plans of conquest. If you want to help us or our country, you can use the details and transfer any amount. Today, even the price of a cup of coffee can be decisive in buying ammunition, medicines, or food for the military or civilians injured in the war.

Come back alive

The fund comes back alive

Come Back Alive became the largest organization providing support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Special account to help the Army
You can help the Ukrainian Army here

Account for humanitarian needs
It is possible to help citizens who suffer from war here

Ukraine got a monstrously heavy burden – to protect the peace not only of its country, but of the whole world. And only together we can cope with it.
Glory to Ukraine!