ERP & CRM: Prosperity Management

For the time being, business automation is one of the best trends for IT startups. Among the most popular automation areas in business automation are enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relations management (CRM). ERP-system includes a complete database of enterprise resources. The information contained in the ERP-system allows you to plan the necessary volume and quality of purchased raw materials for the production of products, make a plan for recruiting employees for the coming periods, upgrade equipment and so on. In turn, the CRM’s main function is to automate the relationship with customers, build long-term partnerships between them and the company, form a high degree of loyalty. Automation of processes of interaction with the client provides a competitive advantage over competitors in the market.


Business Automation Expertise

Itera Research provides services for the development of various solutions for business automation, including ERP and CRM. Our team of specialists knows best how many advantages such solutions give companies, and know how to achieve even greater success with what they do.
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