How we work

We have a flexible and individual approach to every client. Together with our clients we choose a business model of cooperation and project management methodology that serves your needs the best. The choice depends on the projects’ scope, specifications, flexibility, deliverables and deadlines. We provide you with all necessary consulting during business models and methodology choosing process. We are always ready to customize our basic business model to meet the requirements of your unique business in the most efficient way.

Business models

For your tasks and goals we choose one of our usual business models such as project development, dedicated team or professional, matrix team or any combination.

Project development


Dedicated team or professionals

Matrix teams

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Contract types

Depending on a project scale and complexity, you can choose one of following payment methods. It is also possible to customize payment schemes to meet your needs.

  • Fixed price

    With small or medium size projects that have clearly defined requirements and medium technological complexity we can agree on a fixed price model.

  • Time and material

    The Time and Material approach is suitable for medium and large projects with complicated technologies usage, dynamic and flexible deliverables. It works best for clients that require a high level of control over projects’ deliverables and over team involvement.

Cooperation methodology

At Itera Research we use both traditional and iterative approaches to project management. The principal difference between these two approaches is a level of flexibility.

Traditional approach includes the Waterfall model

Iterative methodologies such as Agile methodologies. In particular, the SCRUM model.

Our development center has trainings on SCRUM to ensure you are using the world’s latest practices.