5 Things You Will Never Hear About Outsourcing to Ukraine

The talents of Ukrainian software developers are well-known worldwide. Major companies such as Samsung Electronics, NetCracker, Wargaming, Magento, Siemens and SysIQ outsource software development to companies based in Ukraine, open offices in Ukraine and even set up their R&D centers there. Ukrainian developers are professional, responsive, innovative and dedicated. But this article will shed some light on another side of Ukrainians that you are unlikely to know or ever hear about.

 Ukrainians will not always agree with you.

Yes, we are stubborn. When we see that a feature you want to add to the scope could damage the project, we will not say, “Ok, you’re the boss.” We will argue and do our best to explain and prove our reasons.

 We are such a “pain in the ass.”

We ask plenty of questions before the project starts. We specify all the use cases and user flows. It may appear that we are not professional, but in fact we are just detail oriented.

 Ukrainians can refuse you.

We are realists and quite consciously so. If you’re looking to create EBay or Facebook in a week from scratch, we will refuse you. We are not afraid of challenges, but likewise we are not wizards and we will give you a sober assessment of the situation.

 We can be indelicate and ask uncomfortable questions.

We will ask you about your business model and planned revenue streams. This particular information helps us to see the big picture to suggest ideas for new applications that can improve operations. We believe developers with a business focus are more efficient and can be more useful.

 Ukrainians are meticulous.

Instead of spending hours blindly making changes, Ukrainian programmers prefer to carefully investigate the code and research possible issues until an answer is found.



Itera Research team