Smart Building

About project

BSmart – is a complex of hardware & software developed for city’s public utilities to optimize their workflow and enhance the quality of the services provided.

Functional modules

Lift and lightning remote control system

  • Lifts shafts and equipment access control
  • Alarming in case of unauthorized access to the equipment and premises
  • Remote detection of the damage and it’s cause

Automated dispatching system

  • Web-interface for dispatchers
  • Mobile application for contractors (basically field engineers)
  • Mobile application for citizens

Report system

  • Catalogue of contractors & their resources
  • Any types of reports on an object
  • Ticket reports (sorted by city districts, etc.)
  • Tickets analysis
  • Contractor’s performance report
  • Preparation of data reports implied for municipal executive board
  • Resource planning
  • Procurement planning
  • Repair planning
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