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Do you need a smart, sustainable, secured and profitable solution for your idea? You are on the right track!

Experience in communication technologies, data processing, software development and the Internet of Things (IoT) allows Itera Research to implement and develop hardware and software projects to boost the quality of urban life; covering areas like transportation, utilities, connectivity, and energy consumption (distribution). Years in the IT field, a competitive team and well-established internal processes ensure the Smart City solutions are well planned, collaborative, based on efficient development practices and have a high level of quality and accuracy.

Smart City

Our team is devoted to helping cities and businesses reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and advance their sustainability efforts.

Let’s discuss what your city or business wants to achieve, and work together to get the job done.

A smart city leverages IoT sensors and advanced software, and includes analytics to improve performance with regard to city services and other aspects of city life, thus increasing efficiency and improving the quality of life for its citizens.

What do you get creating your Smart City project with us?

For starters, you get a series of solutions to serious and urgent situations the world faces today:


We have vast experience in IoT. IoT technology makes cities smarter and better. A highly experienced team works in their own R&D center for hardware prototyping.


We have our own hardware company for the development and production of hardware. We provide a full cycle of services up to receiving a serial batch of hardware. Our clients do not need to look for a separate production facility.

Comprehensive Solutions

We can cover a wide range of Smart City Solutions needs along with the services and expertise to bring it all together. Every smart city project involves multiple vendors, dozens of process steps, and hundreds of tasks. We offer professional services to help orchestrate and simplify the process through:

  • Infographics
  • Thousands of devices set up
  • Our own R&D center
  • A team of 25 talented innovators
  • Large-scale production
  • 8 years in IoT

Our Principles in Smart City Solutions



We develop network operating without interference or bugs



We create scalable network solutions



We can highly secure data transmission

Smart City Essentials

Smart City Essentials

A mandatory attribute of any smart city solution will be hardware. Sensors are at the core of every device in the Smart City. The aim is to deploy monitoring infrastructure and produce a distributed network of intelligent sensor nodes which can measure many parameters for a more efficient management of the city. We are focused on quality and reliable solutions which meet or exceed our clients’ requirements. Therefore, the R&D center was established 5 years ago and our own sensor production company was acquired.

Connectivity and data transmission

Without actionable, real-time, and reliable access to data, the smart city can’t thrive. How information is collected, distilled, and shared is critical, and security solutions must avoid adverse effects on availability. Measures must be taken to ensure that data is accurate and free from manipulation. For your project’s security we use strong authentication and ID management solutions that need to be integrated into the ecosystem to ensure that data is shared only with authorized parties to achieve these security core objectives. The data processing and analyses of Smart Cities are by definition, data-driven. The massive amounts of data collected must be analyzed quickly in order to make it useful. The combination of big data analysis and smart city solutions help cities improve the management in critical segments such as energy and transportation.


All Smart City projects need fully-integrated big data and IoT analytics software solutions. They help to connect cities, businesses, citizens and deliver more intelligent lighting, energy, water, waste operation, and transportation enabling them to achieve greater levels of sustainability, security and prosperity.

We can create future city software tailored to your needs.

Specialties to the development of a Smart City projects


It covers all aspects from traffic systems to the water network and street lighting.


The solution sets can collect and analyze data to enhance building systems from heating and air conditioning to lighting and lifts. It aims to optimize efficiency and energy savings for all the building’s processes.

Energy consumption

It is all about finding solutions for energy management, saving energy and making sure urban residents have all the energy they need.

Solutions entrusted to us to implement

Smart City Infrastructure

Itera Research developed a complex system of specialized hardware and software for the public utilities of Kharkiv, Ukraine that automates and optimizes the workflow to ultimately improve the quality of services provided. The complex system consists of automated dispatching, report , lift and lightning remote control systems, and finance.

Smart Garbage (Waste Optimization)

In terms of Kharkiv city infrastructure automation, Itera Research implemented an automated system for managing collection and disposal of municipal solid waste, which consists of the following components: a web app for managing the location of dumpsters, a mobile app for truck drivers, chatbot for citizens, an integration of sensors for monitoring dumpster contents and weight, and a system for truck routing and time management.

Smart Street Lights

Itera Research developed a software architecture for a solution that helps to manage: replacement of lamps in city lanterns with controlled LED lights, installation of control units in transformers, and connection of specialized software.

Smart Buildings

For apartment complexes, Itera Research implemented a solution that connects all engineering systems and allows conveniently, autonomously, and securely managed apartment complex utilities such as doorbell and access control, surveillance cameras, motion and lighting sensors, internal and external telemetry, parking,and all-around elevator equipment management.

Smart Public Transport

Itera Research developed a solution for automating the public transport payments in one of the EU capitals. We enabled a modern fare payment system for public transport payments without the need for additional hardware.

Smart Energy, Water, and Gas

Itera Research has prototyped and launched the production of devices for remote reading of legacy indicators for water, gas, and electricity meters. Specialized software for collecting, storing, and analyzing data, as well as for unloading it to external systems was also designed.

Smart Traffic Management

For the US state of New York, as a part of a big team, Itera Research has worked on a state project linked with enhancing the system of managing electronic traffic control devices. This project required extensive analysis of the firmware integrations, incoming data and real time data processing.

Public Safety

As part of the development of the project that increases the overall level of safety in cities, together with partners from Germany, we can implement a system that will ensure face recognition from a continuous stream of video images from street cameras.