Custom IoT Solutions Development

Working to digitize the world around us

Itera Research is a team of technical specialists with years of experience in IoT. We provide qualified assistance to you and your business. We assist in anything from choosing the concept of building an IoT network and prototyping the hardware, to software development, launching, configuring, and testing solutions on the end product.

We aren’t only invested in the technical support for your business, we also take time to research the specifics of project implementation in order to ensure the profitability and feasibility of your specific IoT solution.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Years in IoT
Realized projects
Hardware devices development from scratch

Itera Research delivers innovative IoT technology that simplifies and expedites your digital transformation.

What we offer

We are able to develop projects for the specific needs of the customer by creating a hardware solution and engineering high-end software. At Itera Research, we are able to prototype and develop hardware ourselves, which allows us to find the optimal approach while considering the unique needs of each client. Additionally, if necessary we are also able to use elements of IoT solutions from different manufacturers to easily integrate into a single system.

The key to the success of any project is IoT software development. At Itera Research, we know that every project is different and requires an individual approach. In order to decide which system is right for you, we always begin with the Discovery Phase. Then, together we choose the best tech solutions for your project.

Our Processes Include:

  1. Full-Cycle IoT Development – a full cycle of custom IoT development services from architecture, embedded systems development and various integrations, to AI and cloud. We deliver flexible strategies, blended with high-security in order to manage new and diverse IoT devices.
  2. Embedded Development – we guarantee full-cycle embedded software development services including product strategy, embedded software design, embedded systems development and integration, user experience, interface, and testing.
  3. Firmware Development – we provide full-cycle firmware development service for any IoT device right from requirements definition to architecture design and implementation. This includes kernel porting, development, and adjustment of modules for various peripheral hardware components.
  4. End-User Applications – we are able to implement interactive user-interfaces and real-time dashboards based on the latest trends in web and mobile technology.
  5. Middleware Development – we provide Device-to-Device, Device-to-Server (Cloud) communication and data management solutions to ensure stable and secure connections between field IoT devices, data processing software, and user applications.
  6. Cloud Infrastructure and Big Data – using the Big Data analytics engine we can collect and securely process the data within the “cloud”. Using Machine Learning and Computer Vision this data can be used to perform actions and send various types of signals to IoT devices.

With 15 years in software development, we pay special attention to cybersecurity, we incorporate security as early as the application design phase and conduct a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for all major releases.

We accompany the client during every stage of the project. Experts control the entire process from testing the system to implementing a ready-made solution and its further scaling.

Who Do We Serve?

At Itera Research, we implement projects using IoT technologies to understand consumer needs in real time. By increasing agility, we instantly improve the quality of machines and systems, optimize operations and find innovative ways of working as part of our digital transformation efforts.

We provide numerous solutions for the following industries:

  • Governments
  • Industrial enterprise
  • Energy systems
  • Street lighting
  • Safety
  • Utilities
  • Education

Solutions based on IoT technology allow industries to establish high-quality monitoring of production facilities, automate many processes and significantly increase business efficiency. With a set of wireless IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for various fields of activity, we provide qualified assistance to your business from choosing a concept for building an IoT network to launching and configuring a solution at the facility.

How Does It Work?

When we develop new IoT solutions, hardware and software components are designed, prototyped, and refined through an iterative process of feedback and evaluation. IoT hardware is at the core of every connected project.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) has developed, the technical capabilities of these boards have only become more powerful. However, choosing the right IoT hardware for our client’s project can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of development boards and modules.

Standard hardware platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi can help jump start this process of rapid prototyping and refinement, because they are readily available and require less investment than designing and fabricating custom printed circuit boards at each iteration of the design.

As part of this process, we need to consider the hardware requirements for your own IoT application. While evaluating and refining the prototype IoT devices that you build against these requirements, we will adapt them, adopting off-the-shelf components or custom components as appropriate.

Hardware Creation

  1. Identity Requirements – Data is collected on the essential value the user derives from the product.
  2. Design a Solution – We design the full solution using diagrams. This allows a high level of understanding of the project scope and provides the opportunity to balance and reduce the costs.
  3. Build a Prototype – We build just enough of a solution to get it into a testable state. This proves out the design created in the previous step.
  4. User Testing – We try to use the prototype on real users. Data gathered here fits back to the prototyping stage.
  5. Specify and Develop – We produce the detailed specification for production.
  6. Manufacturing – Approve the product specification and prototype for production.

Software Development

  • Business analysis
  • Design and development
  • Security testing
  • Integration
  • Launch
  • After-launch support

We help to select the necessary IoT solutions for specific business needs and production tasks of a specific industry. We understand that there are no universal solutions and are focused on effective work with each client.

A variety of solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers allow us to guarantee the best price-quality ratio for the project being implemented. Each solution goes through mandatory stages of internal testing and testing at the customer’s facilities.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Individual approach
  • Individual development
  • Large selection of manufacturers of ready-made
  • Hardware
  • Quality assurance
  • Rigorous reliability testing

Technologies and Tools:

  • Firmware development at C / C++ / Assembler
  • ARM
  • Cortex: STM / MSP MCUs, HAL, SPL, CMSIS libraries
  • Hardware Architecture ARM, DSP, FPGA
  • MCU communication interfaces: UART, SPI, I2C, CAN, USB, RS485, DCMI, ADC / DAC
  • Wireless protocols: Bluetooth / BLE, WiFi, LoRa, ZigBee, GSM
  • Raspberry Pi and other SoC
  • Knowledge of digital/analogue electronics and electronic schematics understanding
  • Experience with an oscilloscope, multimeters, digital signal analyzers, and other laboratory equipment
  • Strong skills at all phases of the software development life-cycle

Areas of Specialization

  • Device management

    Creation of mobile and web applications

  • Data aggregation

    Collection and storage of data from connected devices

  • Data visualization

    Visual presentation of data analysis results

  • Big data processing

    Processing large amounts of unstructured data

  • Hardware solutions

    Hardware development and production

  • Integration

    Cloud Server Device Integration

We develop MVP from scratch and full IoT systems for companies of all sizes, turning their technological ideas into reality. When we develop new IoT solutions, hardware and software components are designed, prototyped,
and refined through an iterative process of feedback and evaluation.