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At EdTech we help businesses of various sizes from around the world identify, and quickly implement,
technology solutions in the education ecosystem. We also provide consulting services to assist our
partners in navigating the complexities of the unsettled education market.

Who do we serve?

Getting a quality education at all stages of life is key to the success of any person.
We design and implement educational platforms, apps and solutions for kindergartens, grade schools,
professional learning, and business education.

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An EdTech Company?

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At Itera Research, we have been working with educational projects since 2004, and have gained invaluable experience in e-learning that is ready to apply to your projects. Itera Research successfully implements a wide range of eLearning solutions, namely Custom Learning Management System and Custom Learning Content Management apps.

We use an impressive list of cutting-edge educational technologies that will attract even more users to your project.

Our technology solutions include:

  • AI
  • Adaptive Learning and Microlearning
  • Gamification
  • IoT

Dozens of educational business owners and startups entrusted us with the development of their project.

Do you want to know more?

We were entrusted by Harris Corp. (listed by Forbes America’s Best Employers listed by Forbes in 2019. We are sure that we can provide the services you need.

The Ways We Can Help You With Your Project

  1. Discovery workshop – We dive deeply into our client’s ideas and identify the business needs together. This allows our team to validate that the problem we’re solving is worth the time and money you will invest.
  2. Business Analysis – This helps us to develop a fuller understanding of the project for the team through the eyes of the people who will be using the product. Having that validation and collaborative understanding sets the basis for the team to find innovative solutions to the problem.
  3. Planning – We create a clear action plan and next steps to start solving the problem.
  4. Design – It doesn’t matter whether we are building something from scratch or improving an existing product, our design team would be helpful for any endeavor. We will pour life and energy into your ideas. You have a great chance to test the MVP of your product and get an early indication of the market fit for the solution.
  5. Development – Our team of developers work alongside your team to enhance the quality and speed of your project. We have a rich history of using a range of technologies to utilize the best tools for your software and applications.
  6. Quality Assessment – We understand the software objective, specification, and use cases; and provide full quality functional testing.

Let’s talk about your project!

What do you get when you create your EdTech project with us?

Software needs can vary significantly. To cover the full spectrum of possibilities, we offer end-to-end services across a range of platforms, technologies, and design methodologies.

We have the capabilities to meet the most challenging of business problems. Our continuous devotion to developing internal knowledge and collaborative processes allows us to solve problems that other people can’t.

Our team works with you to determine the ideal technology stack and design experience for your web, mobile, or cloud-based educational solution. We also ensure it is supported and maintained well after launch.

Since our launch we have helped with

  • Device management

    Creation of mobile and web applications

  • Data aggregation

    Collection and storage of data from connected devices

  • Data visualization

    Visual presentation of data analysis results

  • Big data processing

    Processing large amounts of unstructured data

  • Hardware solutions

    Hardware development and production

  • Integration

    Cloud Server Device Integration

Since our launch we have helped with

Educational projects

Every year the number of EdTech tools for the education system expands, and due to the pandemic, the market grew 10-15 times during the Spring in 2020. This is due to the fact that teachers, educational institutions, and companies that use new technologies understand that they will gain advantages over their opponents.

In addition, eLearning has become an evident trend in modern IT startups, and the global education technology market is expected to reach $341b by 2025. Don’t get left behind!

The plethora of modern communication methods, assessment, reporting & analytics software not only prompted a way to boost learning online, but actually changed the culture of learning itself. The advantages of eLearning are difficult to overestimate. By using EdTech, it saves time, money for renting facilities, reduces safety incidents, and more.

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