eLearning: Intelligent Tech

eLearning now proved to be one of the fastest-growing educational technology industries. Together with mobile technologies boom, it has been drastically changed and became an evident trend in IT startups. Now it has great prospects: experts claim eLearning market cost to reach $37.8 billion by 2020, while half of the student will take part in online courses. Since 2000, the Custom Web-Based Training & Continuing Education market has grown by 900%. The plethora of modern communication means, Assessment, Reporting & Analytics Software not only prompted the way to boost learning online but actually changed the culture of learning itself. The advantages of eLearning are difficult to overestimate. It saves time, money for renting facilities, reduces safety incidents, etc.


Our eLearning Expertise

Itera Research successfully implements a wide range of eLearning solutions, namely Custom Learning Management System and Custom Learning Content Management apps. Our specialists participated in the development of several successful projects in this field and received an invaluable experience that is ready to apply in your projects.