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How to Survive WebSummit: 10 Practical Tips


If you were lucky enough to visit the WebSummit at least once, then we don’t need to explain you why we used the word “survive”. And if you’re just planning a trip, then you should definitely read these tips. This is a wonderful and huge event that will turn your world around, show the freshest trends, and fill your notebook with new contacts. However, for the grandiose nature (60 thousand people it’s like at the English Premier League football match) of the event not to grasp your plans, we prepared these 10 WebSummit advices.

Case Study. TeamOutLoud: Facebook for Employee Recognition

case study

TeamOutLoud is a social app for companies (hotels, in particular) with a powerful employee engagement system. Just like in LinkedIn or Facebook, employees here are able to evaluate professional and interpersonal skills of each other, post news and comment other updates, add and take photos of their work activities. The app is dedicated to increasing employees engagement, retention, and happiness.

4 Tactics for Overcoming Job Burnout

Job-burnout illustration

More and more people now face the problem of professional burnout—even if they love their job. This is especially a concern for programmers and managers. Job burnout is a special type of job stress—a state of physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion combined with doubts about competence and the value of work.

To stop and prevent this burnout, people should regain passion—both personally and for the business—and this can be as easy as following these four effective tactics.


Sketch, Wireframe, Flowchart, Prototype, Mockup – What is the difference?


We discovered that the majority of outsourcing software development providers, as well as non-designer customers, use certain terms interchangeably to describe design deliverables. Mockup is confused with wireframe, prototype with MVP, and sketch with wireframe.

The problem is that a misunderstanding in communication may lead to suspension of a business partnership, wasted time and lost money, damaged reputations and other unwanted consequences for both clients and service companies.

CeBIT 2016. Trends overview


Itera Research always keeps its ear to the ground within the industry, which is why we couldn’t miss CeBIT – the most internationally represented computer expo, which took place in Hanover from March 14-18.

Itera Research at IT & Business Trade Fair


Itera Research attended the IT & Business Trade Fair for Digital Processes and Solutions which took place from 4-6/10/2016 in Stuttgart, Germany.

The event comprised IT & Business, DMS EXPO and CRM-expo and was dedicated to new trends and technologies associated with CRM and ERP systems.